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Welcome Fellow Patriots!

Report No Jab, No Job is compiling information from individuals that have lost their jobs due to refusal of the jab. Feel free to browse this site and if you have lost your job due to your employer’s vaccine mandate, please SUBMIT YOUR NO JAB, NO JOB REPORT Here.

Make sure to visit the Resources page for a wealth of information in regards to the mandates,  the dangers of vaccines and the doctors risking it all to speak out.

The Report No Jab, No Job website has four main goals:

    • to identify businesses, organizations and industries that are violating citizens’ constitutional rights
    • to study the data to assess the need for support for those affected
    • to provide resources and any assistance we can offer to help those who have been terminated as well as those facing possible termination
    • to give a voice to those who have sacrificed their livelihoods in the Fight for Freedom for refusing to take the experimental COVID-19 injection



Compiled information will be displayed on this site as well as the Report No Jab No Job Telegram channel! Make sure to join the Telegram channel for updates.


Thank you to all the donors who made this website possible. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Karen Parenteau

Linda Ralidak

Josh & Tia Shain

Danielle Keuch

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