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Not fired yet? There is help!

If your employer is forcing the vaccine in order to keep your job, DO NOT QUIT!! This is the first and most important thing to know. Below are links to doctors, Brother Toto’s Exemption Letter that WILL WORK, and various articles regarding the vaccine mandate, resources, and updates. If you have further questions, please Contact Us and we will offer the resources we have.


There is a right way and a wrong way to go about getting an exemption! This is very important. An exemption is one of the easiest ways to avoid being let go for refusing the jab. The best resource we have found is Shane Vaughn aka Brother Toto. Go to his website and download his “Religious Exemption Letter”. Watch the video and follow the steps to a T according to Brother Toto’s instructions.


Click below for the video explaining the Exemption Letter – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Click below to get the Exemption Letter as well as many other great resources from Brother Toto!



Dr. Carrie Madej –


Dr. Scott Atlas –


Dr. Vladimir Zelenko –


Dr. Scott Jensen –


Dr. Nancy Banks –


Dr. Russell Blaylock –


Dr. Shiv Chopra –


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny –


Dr. Suzanne Humphries –


Dr. Larry Palevsky –


Dr. Toni Bark –


Dr. Andrew Wakefield –


Dr. Meryl Nass –


Dr. Raymond Obomsawin –


Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot –


Dr. Robert Rowen –


Dr. David Ayoub –


Dr. Boyd Haley PhD –


Dr. Rashid Buttar –


Dr. Roby Mitchell (aka Dr. Fitt) –


Dr. Ken Stoller –




VIDEO: Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines & Health FULL PART ONE


Stop Mandatory Vaccination Website


VIDEO: Dr. Meryl Nass interview with Dr. Mercola: What You Need to Know about COMIRNATY – FDA, Boosters and the CDC


Official Website of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny


Official YouTube Channel of Dr. Scott Jensen


VIDEO: Dr. Nancy Banks: Vaccines “Totally Useless”

Nancy Banks MD: Vaccines “Totally Useless”


Official Website Time to Free America – view a wealth of information across the board in the fight to save America (Clay Clark)


Airline Injunction Action Lawsuit against the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate


VIDEO: Dr. Chiv Chopra: The Truth About Vaccines


VIDEO: Americans Losing Their Jobs for Refusing the COVID Jab are Undergoing a Martyrdom: U.S. Bishop


VIDEOS: Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P (Dr. Tenpenny and Dr. Palevsky)


Official Website of Dr. Meryl Nass


VIDEO: Dr. Raymond Obomsawin on Vaccination


FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD: “Medical Mafia” by Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot


VIDEO: “COVID-19 Conspiracy?” Part 1 of 4 – Dr. Rashid Buttar




Can People Fired for Refusing COVID Vaccine Still Get Unemployment?


Firing Unvaccinated Workers Becomes More Common


Fired For Not Following Biden’s Vaccine Mandate? It’s Unlikely You’ll Get Unemployment


The Fight Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate is Just Starting


New Iowa Law Would Allow Those Fired Because of Vaccine Mandates to Collect Unemployment


I was Fired Because I Refuse to be Vaccinated for COVIED-19. Can I Sue?


Many Minnesota Health Care Workers Fighting Vaccine Mandate Have Received Exemptions



U.S. Air Force Discharges 27 for Refusal to get the COVID Vaccine


Mandatory Vaccines are Unconstitutional


Biden Knows His Vax Mandates are Unconstitutional – But Just Doesn’t Care


Yet Another Doctor Loses Job After Speaking Against Vaccine Mandates


Oklahoma Rally Against Federal Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate


White House Responds After OSHA Halts Implementation of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate


A Solution to COVID Vaccine Refusal: Take the Jab or Lose Your Job



Important to remember: DO NOT QUIT! MAKE THEM FIRE YOU!